Yutaka Watari
04 July 2037 @ 01:35 pm
◘ drop me your comments on characterization or just plan love
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Yutaka Watari
05 April 2036 @ 05:40 pm
"hoot hoot hoot?"
Leave your message at the sound of the hoot!
Yutaka Watari
05 April 2035 @ 05:42 pm
◘ in progress :( ◘

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Yutaka Watari
27 December 2013 @ 05:35 pm
Merry Belated Christmas, everyone!

I don't know a lot of you and you don't me but I have this reaaally small favor to ask of you all!

Can you please, please, please greet or send this guy--

[ He shoves a picture of Tatsumi/[personal profile] occlusion to the screen. ]

a Happy Birthday greeting when you see him? He's a bit grumpy and we were supposed to throw him a nice big party in our division for him with cake and all... but considering our situations...

Anyway! All your help will go towards making his day extra special!

[ He snickers here. But then grins widely. ]

Thanks again~!